Pricelist... (as of 1st January 2022)

Buy your wattle hurdles direct from Stevens The Hurdle Maker. Stevens offer Wattle Hurdles, Continuous Weave, Stakes and Binders, River Faggots, Rose Arches, Pea Sticks, Spar Gads, Round Rods, Kindling and welcomes any special enquiry you may have. Stevens prides itself on providing quality, service and value - without compromise.

Stevens wattle hurdles are made from hazelwood and split and woven into a panel. They are supported by a post at each end and wired to the post. They are durable and longlasting with an average lifetime of 8-12 years.

Wattle Hurdles:
6ft x 2ft = 45.00 per hurdle inclusive
6ft x 3ft = 55.00 per hurdle inclusive
6ft x 4ft = 65.00 per hurdle inclusive
6ft x 5ft = 75.00 per hurdle inclusive
Special sizes available, price on request.

Continuous Weave = Price on Enquiry
Stakes and Binders (for hedge laying) = Price on Enquiry
River Faggots = Price on Enquiry
Rose Arches = Price on Enquiry
Pea Sticks = Price on Enquiry
Spar Gads = Price on Enquiry
Round Rods = Price on Enquiry
Besom Brooms = Price on Enquiry
Kindling = 5.00 per bag (potato sack)

Erection and delivery service available, price dependant on location. Please ask for a quote.

Free estimations.

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